Cunt Quilt at KMAC Museum

Cunt Quilt (Liberty Belle) at the March for Economic Justice in the City of Brotherly Love April 15, 2017 

Still They Persist:

Protest Art from the 2017 Women's March

December 16 - January 7, 3rd Floor Gallery
Donor & Member Preview Friday, December 15  from 6-8pm
Curator Talk Saturday, January 6  at 3pm
Organized by the FemFour: a group of Cincinnati-based arts/artist advocates Calcagno Cullen, Maria Seda-Reeder, Jaime Thompson and Sara M. Vance Waddell.

According to event organizers, an estimated 500,000 marchers traveled to Washington DC on January 21st, 2017 for the Women’s March on Washington. Another 4.5 million people participated in this peaceful protest worldwide.

Art collector, philanthropist, perennial board member and volunteer museum docent Sara M. Vance Waddell had the foresight to reach out to her network to request signs from participants as soon as she knew there would be a Women’s March on Washington.  As her request began to circulate, it became clear that the work itself behooved ongoing documentation and a more public audience. With the aim of keeping the words and images made for this march circulating in the public sphere, a collective named the “FemFour” was established to organize this evolving archive of posters, placards, sculptures, textiles and photo documentation of the international event.  The objects were donated by artists, found by friends, worn by activists, carried by allies and otherwise held as objects of resistance against authoritarianism on that day—and on many subsequent days since.

Enlisting the help of March participants and friends Calcagno Cullen, Maria Seda-Reeder, Jaime Thompson, the generous assistance of Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi and other passionate artists, friends, and activists, the group took up the ongoing care and documentation of these ephemeral objects. One of these vehicles is a catalogue with essays from artists and scholars, in which all sale proceeds benefit Heartfelt Tidbits – a Cincinnati-based non-profit refugee service organization. The FemFour’s hope is that by returning to that site of resistance, we might continue to recognize and resist tyranny in its many manifestations.


Cunt Quilt at #MeToo Rally Trump Tower NYC

Cunt Quilt at #MeToo Rally Trump Tower NYC 

Last Saturday December 9, 2017 dozens of women organized by National Organization of Women NOW,  gathered in the freezing snow at Trump Tower NYC for the #MeToo Rally to speak out against sexual violence, assault and abuse. For several hours, feminists ranging from young girls to older women supported eachother in the streets and shared their stories of hardship, shame and fear to remain silent in the face of powerful abuse. 

"A pesar de la nieve, los manifestantes se reunieron cerca de la Torre Trump para unirse al movimiento #MeToo y rechazar el silencio en el que se esconde el acoso y el abuso sexual. Los presentes celebraron las renuncias de congresistas y la debacle de algunas figuras del entretenimiento tras las acusaciones de abuso." -Univision

"It was snowing heavily, in New York’s first real snowstorm of the winter, and the women leading the demonstration at Columbus Circle had to cover their microphones with plastic bags to keep them from getting wet, muffling their chants. There were roughly 150 protesters standing with hunched shoulders while fat snowflakes dampened their caps. Their signs had pictures of growling pussycats and the symbol with a clenched fist in the centre. A woman with facial piercings had draped a large sheet over her shoulders: on the back, it was embroidered with the words ‘CUNT QUILT’, along with a diagram of a uterus made from pink and red underwear." -London Review of Books

"A crowd of #metoo protesters huddled against the snow falling outside of Trump Tower this past Saturday afternoon. Signs reading, “We will not be silenced” filled the scene, along with “c%$# blankets,” “pussy hats” and every “F%$# Trump” slogan imaginable. The crowd grew by the hour, as speakers took to the stage to share personal stories, promise change and express their feelings of relief and heartbreak in this singular moment." -Convicts





Stitch n Bitch @ AIR Gallery Brooklyn 

Stitch n Bitch (Silueta)

 Saturday October 21, 2-6pm AIR gallery 155 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Commemorating Domestic Violence Awareness month, we will create the next Cunt Quilt at A.I.R. Gallery in Dumbo on Saturday October 21 from 2-6pm. 

The Stitch n Bitch program gathers feminists volunteers around NYC to build solidarity, account for our bodies, and hold our governing bodies accountable through a National Underwear Audit. Participants will Stitch n Bitch their way to a creative, intersectional feminist future by pinning down, sewing up and sharing stories over quilt-craft. Inspired by communal quilters such as Faith Ringgold, Gee's Bend women and Visual AIDS; we will create a unified identity to commemorate women and artists impacted by domestic violence. In the spirit of Ana Mendieta's "Silueta" series, the image will be created in and of the body politic- 30 years after her untimely death. 

The underwear on stained bedsheets flag/quilt will be flown at Gender and Domestic Violence awareness events around NYC in partnership with Sanctuary for Families NYC. 


Cunt Quilt in Beyond the Bedcovers at AIR gallery 

Cunt Quilt (Power) carried on our backs at the March for Racial Justice across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall October 2017

Beyond the Bed Covers

Opening October 13 6-8pm

Show Runs 10/12-11/12/2017

AIR gallery 155 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Public Programs
October 21,  2-6pm: Stitch n Bitch
Coralina Rodriguez Meyer

November 4, 4-6pm: The Last One
Documentary tracing the history and growth
of the The AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Beyond the Bed Covers

featuring  Rachel Farmer, Kim Fox, Ariel Jackson, Luke Haynes, Coralina Rodriguez Meyer

Faith Ringgold,  Jessica Skultety and images from the 1987 AIDS quilt exhibit in Washington, DC.

Curated by Laura Petrovich-Cheney

October 12 - November 12, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday, October 13, 6-8 pm Public Programs October 21, 2017, 2-6pm Stitch and Bitch Coralina Rodriguez Meyer Novembre 4, 2017, 4-6pm The Last One Documentary tracing the history and growth of the The AIDS Memorial Quilt. Beyond the Bed Covers A.I.R. A.I.R. GALLERY | 155 Plymouth St. | Brooklyn, NY 11201 | | | (212) 255 6651 | Wed - Sun 12-6pm The gallery is wheelchair accessible.

Beyond the Bed Covers, examines how quilts and quilting have evolved beyond their cozy functionality, to be an expressive art form constructed of a variety of materials practiced by all gender forms. Included in this exhibition are artists whose quilts push the boundaries of materiality, personal expression and political statements. The American quilt is typically a three-layered stitched textile, combined by the process of sewing those layers together. Quilts have long been considered utilitarian objects made to provide warmth.

Before sophisticated heating systems they were even Faith Ringgold, Bitter Nest #3: Lover’s in Paris, 1998 Featuring Rachel Farmer, Kim Fox, Ariel Jackson, Luke Haynes, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Coralina Rodriguez Meyer, Faith Ringgold, Jessica Skultety and images from the 1987 AIDS quilt exhibit in Washington, DC. Curated by Laura Petrovich-Cheney used to cover doors and windows that were not sealed well enough to keep out the elements. Over time, quilts have transcended their function beyond bed covers. Quilts are points of expression and cultural identity for the maker, both art and cra. The process of cutting and piecing together bits and pieces is part of the quilt narrative. Simultaneously the narrative of the quilt becomes a story about the time period in which it was made, the people who made it, and the prevailing zeitgeist.

Cunt Quilt (Power) 2017 80"x60"x2" Stained Queen Sized Bedsheet, Donated Women's Underwear,

Nylon Thread, Plywood Stitch Loop, Brass Knuckles 


Stitch n Bitch at Bronx Museum 

The inaugural Public Privates Stitch n Bitch convened on Friday August 4, 2017 at the Bronx Museum of the Arts for a free night of performance alongside other fierce femme performers.

A fist full of women gathered to create the Q3 Cunt Quilt in solidarity near the home of the historic Black Panther Ministry of Information Office, almost half a century after the Panther 21 was acquitted for conspiracy to blow up the Bronx Botanical Garden and police headquarters. The neighborhood's palette continues to change with rebranding of the "piano district" by developers, and casts an uncertain shadow on a rich cultural history captured by the museum. 

#underwearaudit received it's inaugural institutional donation at the #stitchnbitch. To continue the efforts influential women like Shirley Chisolm began- as the first poc woman to run for president, the Underwear Audit will be collecting worn out women's drawers until there is a woman in the whitehouse. 

Bronx Museum AIM Biennial Performance Night

Friday, August 4, 6:00pm - 10:00pm 
First Fridays! A Night of Performance Art by AIM Artists

Join us for an evening of happenings by select AIM Artists. Music by DJ Asho. This event is held in conjunction Bronx Calling: The Fourth AIM Biennial. Performances throughout the Museum. 

In performance: Setare Aerashloo, Francheska Alcantara, Amanda Alfieri, Milcah Bassel, Sophia Dawson, Sara Jimenez, Estefaní Mercedes, and Coralina Meyer

Free admission and cash bar. 
Kids Art Table begins at 6:00pm
Museum exhibition tours begin at 6:30pm